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Inside a Restless World

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Born in Tulsa and raised in Moore, Oklahoma- I'm a Leo baby. I have moved to Austin, TX and am having a grand time here! I recently graduated from the University of Oklahoma. I'm a talkative assertive twenty-four year old interested in meeting new people and discovering new things. I start grad school for English Lit at TSU in August. I'm excited!!!! I really like to work hard but trust me, I think playing hard is the only way to balance that out.

I'm a huge music fan with a relatively wide range of tastes. I'm an animal lover and activist with two cats, a little cute demon named Lilith and a deaf, blind in one eye, beautiful white Bastien. I'm a huge supporter of sexual freedom- not a synonym for sexual promiscuity with an interest in learning and discussing different aspects of sex and sexuality.. I'm a I love to study all sorts of religions and would love to share and discuss with people interested in same thing. I'm in complete love with tattoos and am working on finishing my full back piece.

I am the music maker, I am the dreamer of dreams. I will be all that I was made to be. I will cherish, be cherished, share and listen.. I open myself up and peer inside without forgetting all that lies outside. I will learn and learn and learn and always ask questions. I will look closer.
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