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Sexy Burlesque
Posted on 2006.04.28 at 11:20
HA. I have an eye infection.

Looks like I'll have a useful eye patch for the pirate rampage now.

fan by lethebasii

Slowly slipping away

Posted on 2006.04.27 at 13:23
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Two dreams from a couple of days ago:

The first dream involved me and a bunch of old friends living in NYC together. I was a ballerina and had finally gotten a part in a company. I knew I would never be a lead but I loved that I was finally doing something with passion.

Well, then while at the place we were all living which was like a co-op/dorm type situation, I was rooming with an old friend/acquitance of mine. Now, in real life- I distrust this person a great deal and have since cut her out of my life because I tend to think she's dangerous and lacking real emotion. In the dream, she stabs a kid. The situation surrounding it is foggy but she really thought I would understand her reason for having to kill the kid. I played it off and then got away as fast as I could to tell everybody else what had happened. I think some of the rest of the dream included her chasing me.

The second dream happened the next night. My sister and I were in some fashion shoot or fashion show. We were getting our hair done and the guy that was doing my sister's hair was a famous famous hair stylist. The guy doing mine wasn't nearly as experienced so he kept getting advice from the famous guy. I was jealous that my sister got the better one. It seemed like during the dream the hair stylists thought I was the pretty one but my mom paid only attention to my sister and they were both mean to me.

It seemed to be a weird emotional mess of pride and vanity and insecurity. Very strange. Probably has something to do with all the attention my sister is getting from the family about her upcoming wedding. It doesn't bother me or I thought it didn't but maybe somewhere deep inside there is a seed of bleh. Very interesting. Gotta love dreams.

Malea's Phallic

Responses appreciated

Posted on 2006.04.26 at 14:32
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
Yo yo.

My brakes are squeeling and I need an oil change. My inspection is also in need of updating soooo I need to go to a mechanic. I'm decent on cash so what I'd really like to do is just take it for a check up.

To do so however requires a mechanic I can trust to not give me a list of problems that my car doesn't really have just so I can pash over cash.

Who can recommend a really decent mechanic?

Do they do inspections by any lucky chance?


Kitty in a pumpkin

Money, Fair, Food, Surprises

Posted on 2006.04.24 at 16:34
Current Mood: happyhappy
What did I do this weekend???

I spent money.

Okay, so I did a lot of other stuff to-

I saw lots of people which was grrrreat and just makes me want to see more. Had fun at the clothing swap. Got some cute cute stuff, freed a couple of things that weren't getting used in my closet.

Drove with Paul and his daughter down to Waxahachie, stayed the night and went to Renaissance fair on Sunday.

I really really liked this Fair better than the other closer to Austin one. Lots more crafty booths, more hand made stuff. The food was surprisingly delicious- had chicken and potatoes and a almond horn. Mmmm droooool. I would have stayed longer but the daughter pooped out and the Fair isn't Paul's thing anyway although he was a great sport. I loved walking around in the sunshine just kicking it too. It had enough shadey spots that I really never got hot hot.

The rest of Sunday was just reading and resting and stuff. It was nice.

So what did I buy?
I bought Fluevogs at Atomic Shoes. Ohhh the drooling. The wonderfulness. I will rub on them a lot. They're knee high black boots. They fit great. Thanks for Heather and Shanta's help.

Then at the Fair, I bought two handmade soaps, one Tea Vanilla and the other Cinnamon Oatmeal. Two types of tea, one orange and one cinnamon. And the kicker wasn't what I bought but what Paul bought for me- a handmade leather short vest. It's haaaawwwt. Very sexy and will be a part of my Flipside costumes. Yummm. He's such a sweetie- I was all prepared to hand over the cash for it and he stepped in and was like, I don't think so! I buy this for you.

AND he surprised me with a tattoo magazine when he went in to a gas station during the trip. I lurve little surprises like that. Gah.

What's going on this week people? I know this upcoming weekend is busy.

Posted on 2006.04.21 at 13:18
Current Mood: excitedexcited



I finally figured out my costume plans for Flipside.

Now to find materials and begin.

OT P.S. Paul's a pooper.


Amused at self.

Posted on 2006.04.18 at 10:43
Current Mood: calmcalm
I dreamed last night that it was time for Flipside and for some reason or another, my parents were taking me.

We set off on our way and all I had was one bag. I realized that I hadn't gotten any water and didn't have a lamp either so I asked if we could stop somewhere so I could get those things.

While in the store, I kept remembering more and more I had forgotten to pack. My parents were getting irate. I was nervous what they would think about Flipside once we got there.

Now, outside of the dream, I am making a list of essentials I need to remember to pack for Flipside.

fan by lethebasii

"I dreamed a dream of time gone by..."

Posted on 2006.04.11 at 10:44
Current Mood: crazystrange
All right, see a dream I turned into a story this morning below: Starring me, Heather, Fang & Adrienne, Shanta and an alien. I do realize I'm stealing people out of real life and I am sorry about using you without your knowledge but it was a dream and I have surprisingly little control of them.

Most of it's directly from the dream. The dream was not quite as sarcastic as the writing and much creepier.

You should read it. It’s strange. On to the dream!Collapse )

Malea's Rub here


Posted on 2006.04.10 at 15:15
Current Mood: happyhappy
Laaaaas Vegas.

Well I finally had a "real" Las Vegas vacation.

I was supposed to get in 45 minutes after Paul's flight. Instead, because of his being delayed- I got in 4 hours earlier than him. Soooo what do I do? Drink, eat dinner and play the slots. I won $100.00 :) Probably spent about $20.00 in slots so that's me up $80.00. Yippee.

Finally everbody gets in (Paul and work crew) and we go out and get really drunk.

Woke up REALLY REALLY hungover. Apparently starting drinking at 9 and not stopping for ten hours can be a bit hellish. Ow. Ow. Ow.

The rest of the trip was just laid back and cool. Went to a girly show with Paul. Had some nice dinners. Got a pedicure. Teeny tiny bit of shopping. Good stuff. I wish I could have stayed throughout his entire trip but it works out well cause "B" flew up today and flies home with him on Wednesday.

Paul's so fantastic. Gah, he's so good at making me know how beautiful he thinks I am. He spoils me rotten. He's a workaholic but tries really really hard to make as much time for me as he can- which ends up being a lot. I'm a lucky lucky girl. It'll be two years in July.

Now- I need a vacation from my vacation. I'm going to chill tonight, probably do a bit of laundry and random cat chores- but I'm going to do girly things like give myself a home facial and lounge around with cucumbers on my eyes (or somethin like that.) Yay for slacking. I can't wait.

devil by lethebasii

I've done some very nifty things.

Posted on 2006.04.09 at 16:17
Current Mood: hornyhorny
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Wiki Birthday Meme

Posted on 2006.04.07 at 11:58
Current Mood: restlessrestless
Go to Wikipedia and search for your birthday and list your choice of 3 facts, 2 births, and 1 death, including the year.
August 10

Interesting Facts

1519 - Ferdinand Magellan's five ships set sail from Seville to circumnavigate the globe.

1792 - French Revolution: Storming of the Tuileries Palace. Louis XVI of France is arrested and taken into custody.

1977 - In Yonkers, New York, 24-year-old postal employee David Berkowitz ("Son of Sam") is arrested for a series of killings in the New York City area over a year's period.


1982 - Devon Aoki, American model and actress (Same exact date as me- she played Miho in Sin City. So badass)

1928 - Eddie Fisher, American singer and actor (sang Sunrise, Sunset)


1759 - King Ferdinand VI of Spain (b. 1713)

All in all a pretty boring day. The births and deaths weren't awe inspiring. I am by far the best thing that has come from August 10th. ;) Now there is some arrogance for you.

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